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what's with the dog?

Who We Are

We are not just investors, we are company builders. In our professional experience, we have worked with companies from early stage to fortune 100 enterprises across various strategic and operational initiatives including M&A, equity and debt financing, venture capital and private equity investing, product development and GTM strategy. But we don't pretend to know it all and we are not afraid to admit when we don't know something. We love learning and growing with our partner companies. We have developed a large network of functional experts, operators, industry executives and investors who are available to us and our partner companies for support and counsel. We understand that financing is a critical part of the partnership, but we care more about how we can help our partner companies beyond the capital to build successful companies.

What We Love To Do

We love taking the journey from 0 to 1 with our partner companies. We love partnering with founders who don't come from traditional backgrounds and help them progress from Pre-Seed to Series B and beyond. We have been doubted many times in our lives, but we remain undeterred in our determination to overcome obstacles. In the last decade, VCs have backed a certain mold of founder and have been “pattern matching” ever since. We believe that it is time to break that pattern and that the founders of tomorrow come from many backgrounds and experiences.

We love partnering with software and tech-enabled business services companies in any sector. We are not sector experts and nor do we want to be. If you have a business idea that solves a real problem in any sector - whether a simple inconvenience or a massively complex subject - and can deliver tangible ROI for your customers, we want to talk to you.

Why Partner With Us

We are NOT a VC firm, nor do we aspire to be one. We are not in the business of raising and deploying capital, we are in the business of creating value for all our partners – investors and companies. We set up structures in a way that we only win when our investors and partners companies win – 100% transparency and alignment.

We don't prescribe to the VC “spray and pray” mentality. We selectively partner with companies to maximize our commitment to each partnership. We are committed through both challenges and successes, seeking to build lifelong relationships. But we don't tell you what to do with your company or try to control your board. We believe you know how to best build your company and we are there to support your vision. We openly discuss all pricing, structure and terms that make sense for all parties involved and only partner when there is true alignment. Even if it's a good investment opportunity but we are not the right partners, we are happy to step aside and connect you with other investors in our network.

We understand that this kind of talk can be cheap – we encourage you to reach out and see us in action so you can judge for yourself.